Advice and Training

3rd Wave experts can support you all phases of the introduction of QRM in your organisation. Each QRM project starts with a wide variety of questions. What is QRM? Is this the right choice for my business? How have other companies implemented QRM? What are the challenges that we have to face? What will be the results? Our consultants will answer those questions and give you the instruments that will guarantee that TIME will become your partner for the future. We organize introduction-seminars (for managers) when you are new in this QRM approach. We also organize specialized workshops for companies that are familiar with the principles but that struggle with specific problems during implementation.

QRM (Management) Introduction: In this three day seminar the key concepts of QRM are explained (for the management). They become immediately concrete and get used in a real life business case. The result is a implementation plan for the company. These are the subjects of the seminar:

  • QRM Overview: The power of TIME
  • Shopfloor: QRM Cells
  • Office: Q-ROC
  • Material Planning & control: Polca
  • Purchase & Supply chain

A QRM project:  during a project we have the following phases:

  • Preparation
    • Define the project targets
    • Data gathering of the company
    • Analysis and proposals
    • Presentation and reporting
  • Project execution
  • Implement QRM Tools