3rd Wave ?

With Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) Manufacturing companies reduce lead times with 80% and become the most competitive player in their market. 3rd Wave implements this method and supports the long term benefits by embedding QRM in the companies Supply Chain Systems. The title of the book of Prof. Rajan Suri’s, who conceived the method, has become the motto of 3rd Wave: IT’S ABOUT TIME. 3rd Wave can support your company in implementing QRM. We support the management and the operators in the plant when they engage in this adventure. Methods, knowledge and expertise has to be embedded in systems in order to have the instruments for a learning environment. 3rd Wave has put a complete set of innovating tools on the market that help you move your company on the way to ‘Smart Manufacturing’. These tools can interface with existing (ERP) systems or work stand alone. They will make sure that QRM becomes a success and a source of innovation and improvement. The ‘Waves QRM Tools’ (R) the first set of tools for Supply Chain Management exclusively developed to support QRM.